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Making Remote Work, Work: How to Build and Lead High-Performance Dispersed Work Teams

This guide shares powerful strategies to create and lead cohesive, high-performance teams – regardless of where people work.

You will learn:

• The rise and impact of remote work.

• The challenges that can come with managing a remote team.

• Actionable strategies for overcoming those challenges.

• How to hire and onboard remote employees to set up your team for success.

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High Stakes: How Great Leaders Make Perfect Decisions With Imperfect Data

In this eBook, we share:

  • The worst-case scenario of bad decisions.
  • The most common barriers to decision making.
  • Tips for avoiding analysis paralysis and perfectionism.
  • Strategies for effective decision making.
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Talent ROI: Essential HR Metrics (and how you can improve them!)

In this guide, you’ll learn:
• the what, why and how of tracking HR metrics;
• which metrics to track; and
• how your recruiter can help you leverage the data you collect.

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Big Ideas for Beating the Retention Crisis

Keeping high performers isn’t just an HR issue. It’s critical to your organization’s success.

Here’s how to get strategic about employee retention.

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Mastering Leadership Fundamentals: How to Get the Right Stuff

Leadership advice is everywhere, but the latest trends in executive management are useless unless you have solid fundamental skills. In this guide, learn how to master four essential -- yet frequently overlooked -- building blocks for successful leadership.

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